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Published on April 18th, 2013 | by Egon Stone


45+ Free Smoke Brushes for Photoshop Users

Using Photoshop smoke brushes in your design allows you to create a dramatic, mysterious, trendy or even powerful effect in a design.

Often you see designers combine the use of Photoshop smoke brushes with lighting effects as this combination not only goes well but also brings life to the smoke effects making them look like 3D illusions. For examples on how to add light effects, check out this article from here

I have found some really cool Photoshop smoke brush sets that you can download to your toolbox for free. Even though you might not need smoke effects right now, having a great variety of brushes on stock is always a good idea, as you do not know what project you will work on next! Good luck stocking up – Enjoy

Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


Create abstract art with this set of 108 Photoshop brushes of real smoke. These naturally shaped smoke brushes can be used individually or stacked on top of another.

Smoke Brush Set – MORE INFO


Smoke made from a candle.

Smoke Brush – MORE INFO


Brush made in (for) Adobe Photoshop CS2

Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


37 smoke brushes in this set, ranging from cigarette streaks to vortexes.

Stunning Smoke Effects: 42 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


Creating realistic-looking smoke in Photoshop can be tough to do. There are several ways to achieve a smoky look but most involve the use of the liquify tool, third-party plug-ins, or some creative photo manipulation.

Smoke Brushes Collection – MORE INFO


There are nearly 40 brushes in this set. Most of them are in max. size ( 2500 ) and the rest are really big as well.

55 Smoke backgrounds Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a cool smoke photoshop brush pack composed of 55 smoke backgrounds Photoshop brushes.

High Resolution Photoshop Smoke Brush Set – MORE INFO


A high resolution smoke Photoshop brush pack. The brush pack enables any one with knowledge within Photoshop to be capable to create a great design using cool smoke affects.

21 Thick Smoke Background Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


Here is the second set of our smoke background Photoshop brushes. Unlike the previous smoke background Photoshop brushes, this volume includes images of smoke that are thicker and curlier that you can use for creating more powerful and dramatic effects in your compositions.

Smoke-Twirls-brushes – MORE INFO


This kit contains fifteen brushes. These are very interesting brushes which do for your works in Adobe Photoshop creating an ambience of mysteriousnes.

Particle Smoke – MORE INFO


Particle Smoke adds a whole new effect and explosion to our most popular Real Smoke Photoshop brushes. From a distance it looks like smoke.

15 Thin Smoke Background Brushes – MORE INFO


Smoke background is one of the most popular effects used by many designers to achieve powerful and dramatic effects in their compositions.


Smoke Brushes Adobe7.0+ – MORE INFO


More Stunning Smoke: 30 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


This set contains 30 Stunning High Resolution Brushes that can be used to Create Smoke in Photoshop and can easily be used to create some amazing effects for your designs.

Smoke Abstract – MORE INFO


A set of 13 brushes ranging from 1038-2000.

Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


Awesome set of 21 High quality Smoke brushes in High resolution (2000px) for Photoshop cs/cs2/cs3.

Smooth Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


Various thin and smooth smoke brushes with fine level of detail. You’ll find beautifull natural curves as well as complex well defined smoke formations.



Curly, Wavin Abstract swirls, ready to spice up your art! 24 in set.

Thin Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


With such nice thin and well defined flow it’s easy to forget that those shapes are created by smoke.

Mixed Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


Collection of smoke brushes in various shapes from thin and clean to wide and full. You can also find some very nice swirls.

Designal Brushes – MORE INFO


Great smoky wavy design elements brushes by Flina-Stock with the average size brush of 1000px.

Smoke Brushes – Six – MORE INFO


Very high-quality and large-resolution brushes.

Fire Brushes – MORE INFO


9 high reslution fire brushes by Resource42. Terms of usage: Stock for noncommercial usage, if you’d like to print your artwork ask me first by sending a note.

Smoke Flow Brush Set – MORE INFO


Brush set called Smoke Flow, each brush ranges from approx. 750-1500 px, so they are a decent size.

Smoke Brush Set 1.2 – MORE INFO


8 beautiful sharp brushes with the new Smoke Brush Set 1.2

Smoke Brushes Set 1 – MORE INFO


They do not work in PS 7 or lower – they were made with Photoshop CS

Smoke Brushes Set 2 – MORE INFO


They do not work in PS 7 or lower – they were made with Photoshop CS

Smoke & Ink – MORE INFO


Smoke & Inks brushes created by GL

Realistic Smoke – MORE INFO


7 brushes. Compatible with PS7 or later versions.

Fractal Smoke Brush Pack1 – MORE INFO


This is a set of 5 fractal Smoke brushes

22 Normal Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


free to use High-Res Photoshop / Gimp 2.4+ Brushes created with Photoshop CS3 2500px max size included styles

Smoke Abstract Brush Set – MORE INFO


This is an abstract set of smoke brushes

Smoke Brush Set – MORE INFO


A Smoke Brush set

Smokey Number Brushes – MORE INFO


Alphabet brush set

Abstract smoke – MORE INFO


It contains 10 abstract smoke brushes.

Simple Smoke Wisps Brush Pack – MORE INFO


A simple set of large, wavy, soft, smoke wisps for all your smoke wispy needs

Smoke and Clouds Brush – MORE INFO


Smoke brush that looks like a cloud

Fantasy Smoke – MORE INFO


Here is Photoshop brushes depicting smoke with some special effects :) for all your Fantasy works.

11 Long Smoke Brushes – MORE INFO


free to use High Resolution Photoshop / Gimp 2.4+ Brushes created with Photoshop CS3 2500px max size included styles(fire, ice …)

PS Brush-18 SmokeOrnaments – MORE INFO


3 Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes. Made with Photoshop CS5 Ex. Not include image pack. For CS+

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