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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Egon Stone


15+ Best Minecraft 1.5.1 Adventure Maps

Here you will find some of the best Minecraft Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.5.1. Ready for some serious action?

Millions of gamers play Minecraft and for a good reason! I think it is one of the most creative and fun games available right now. The game works well both as single player and multiplayer and there are many hours of play available in the basic game. It is a perfect combo of ability to create your wildest imaginations and at the same time make sure you and your creations are kept safe from zombies and other creatures of the night!

What makes the game really special, however, is the many cool extensions available that, is used correctly, can turn up the game play significantly.

This is where adventure maps comes into the game! Adventure maps are specially designed Minecraft worlds created by creative Minecraft lovers. Often they are huge and the creators have put many hours into building cool adventures with many hours of fun and task solving.  One of the issues with Minecraft maps, however, is that the regular new releases of Minecraft seems to break them. Most of the popular maps for Minecraft are quickly updated and made compatible, but honstly it is difficult to find good quality maps that are working. In this article I have made some research and found Minecraft Adventure Maps that all work on Minecraft 1.5.1. Time for finding your next adventure and firing up Minecraft for some serious action!

Installing a Minecraft Adventure Map

If you are new to Adventure Maps then follow the simple guide below to get started.

1. download the map to your desktop
2. open up appdata (on windows 7 you go to start and write %appdata% in the search bar)
3. open folder “.minecraft”
4. open folder “saves”
5. put the adventure map/save there

Best Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.5.1

Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map


Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map for Minecraft. This is a co-op map, but can be played in single player. This map recommended for 2 players.

Time Travel Missions Cambodia


Time Travel Missions Cambodia has a custom storyline with parkour, action and puzzles

Jail Breake Adventure Map


You awaken in a jail with a plan… to escape. Yeah you didn’t think it through very well. Never the less your adventure will lead you across the prison through dark tunnels and fighting the monsters that live in them. Will you be caught or get out of the jail after all the time you have spent sitting around in the prison walls?

Bud Adventure Map


You awake alone in a destroyed home, the only one there with you is a pup named Bud. Unbeknown to you, your entire family has been brutally slaughtered by a monster invasion. You, along with Bud, must survive together, rebuilding what you can and discovering old memories of the life you once had.

Deadlock 3 The Final Frontier Adventure Map


You and Mr. Turner land in his house. the house looks the same, but there are some minor changes. Mr. Turner explains that you guys have fallen into a parallel universe! he then sends you out to explore the area……just to find something very bad is happening.

The Magicians Trial Adventure Map


Dear Magician,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Arcane University of Sorcery and Magic. The Castle is just ahead! After landing at the Air-Dock, head your way past the wooden bridge and through the tunnel.

The Forgotten Temple Adventure Map


You are a zoologist, and you are studying the behaviour of different animals in different climates. Sadly, you have been located to the Jabame Desert, the hottest desert in all of Minecraftia, and worse still, you are running low on supplies, and already, one of your team-mates has died. You have no other option but to make for the nearest home, which is, sadly, 50 miles away!

 Advpuzz The Dropper 2 New Levels


It’s a special adventure map.
In each level, you will be left in free fall.

Surv Skyblock


Surv Mine 4 Dead Blockhawk Down


You and the other survivors just crash landed. The city is swarming with infected. Can you make it to the rescue boat? Or will you die trying?

Stratosphere Survival


You were sent here with a simple goal, to find the location of former agent 843. He was sent undercover to work in the Stratosphere Facility, as a simple “Warden”. But in the Stratosphere, Nothing is as it seems. The entire area is used as a tourist destination. But, once, each of the islands were connected to earth, until a cataclysmic event placed them in their current position.

The Walking Dead Map


Nicely recreated map of the prison and farm areas of Walking Dead, both from the television show and the comic!

Escape The Puzzlemaster Map


This adventure map was designed for a quick break from regular minecrafting.

The Code Map


The Code is a minecraft puzzle map. In it you need to solve a puzzle to get a code, every solution is in the form of a code. If you rename paper to that code using an anvil, then throw the paper in a hopper, a new room will open. There are 30 puzzles.

Puzzle Maps


This adventure map was designed for a quick break from regular minecrafting and to have a little bit of fun while testing you brain.

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